Centre for Research on Engineering Software Technologies

A paper accepted in International Conference on Software and Systems Process (ICSSP) 2019

We are so delighted to announce that a fruitful collaboration with Data61 has led to a paper accepted to present in the International Conference on Software and Systems Process, Montreal, Canada, 2019. The manual process of integrating the task of the various security software systems is considered as the third most challenging ask for an…
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A paper accepted in Mining Software Repositories (MSR) 2019

We are so delighted to announce that our paper has been accepted for presentation and publication in the top-quality conference Mining Software Repositories (MSR), Montreal, Canada, 2019 (CORE Ranking: A, Acceptance rate: 25%). One of the major challenges of using Natural Language Processing based approach to automate Software Vulnerabilities (SVs) assessment for security experts is…
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A Review paper accepted on Journal of Systems and Software

A paper titled Architectural Tactics for Big Data Cybersecurity Analytics Systems: A Review, accepted in Journal of Systems and Software. Author: Faheem Ullah, & M. Ali Babar Abstract Context: Big Data Cybersecurity Analytics is increasingly becoming an important area of research and practice aimed at protecting networks, computers, and data from unauthorized access by analysing…
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A Review paper on Security Orchestration accepted on ACM Computing Survey

We are glad to announce that our ongoing review work on Security Orchestration has resulted in a paper accepted in ACM Computing Survey. The paper is a survey on Security Orchestration, highly defined as the discipline of building systems and models that integrate different security solutions and orchestrate their composed functionality to provide more holistic…
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Two papers accepted in ICSA 2019.

We are glad to share that two papers of CREST team members have been accepted to present in the IEEE INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON SOFTWARE ARCHITECTURE (ICSA 2019), Hamburg, Germany. Title: How Developers Discuss Architecture Smells?: An Exploratory Study on Stack Overflow Author: Fangchao Tian, Peng Liang & M. Ali Babar Title: An Architecture-Driven Adaptation Approach…
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Opportunities in Cybersecurity

Are you interested in gaining knowledge/skills in cybersecurity and/or applying and enhancing your knowledge/skills in any aspect of cybersecurity? The following announcement may interest to you. The University of Adelaide is a recently launched federated government funded an industry-led program of 25 partners. There are several opportunities of carrying our applied R&D at different levels,…
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Research Assistance (RA) position is available in CyberSecurity

We are glad to share with you that there are opportunities for working as a research assistant on cybersecurity projects supported/funded by an industry-led R&D program. These positions are supported by a generous amount weekly payments and the work is full time until the end of February 2019 with 2 weeks break over Xmas. You may be able to negotiate further…
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CREST Hosted Poster events for Students during ALCSI

CREST provides the opportunity for students to present their work on cybersecurity to researchers and industry partners. This was an excellent opportunity for the Students to discuss the Cyber Security challenges and solutions with the representatives of the Cyber Security related companies/government agencies over drinks and nibbles.

Dr. Daniela Cruz, Senior Research Scientist at SINTEF Visits to CREST

Dr. Daniela Cruz visits CREST group and shares her interest with us. She gave a talk on data synthesis and analysis. CREST members got the opportunity to share their work with Dr. Cruz and received valuable feedback from her.  It was an excellent opportunity for us to have one to one session with Dr.Cruz.

CREST Successfully Hosted Australasian Lab for Cyber Security Ideas

CREST hosted The Australasian Lab for Cyber Security Ideas on 29 and 30 November 2018. More than two dozens of Cyber Security professionals as speakers and panelist and many more as participants make the events a successful one.