Centre for Research on Engineering Software Technologies

The researchers associated with CREST have been designing and delivering a large number of courses at both undergraduate and post-graduate levels at various academic institutes across the globe. Some of the main courses in which our researchers have been involved are: Software Architecture, UbiComp, Software Engineering, Empirical Research Methods, Requirements Analysis and Design, Cloud Computing, Computer Support Cooperative Work (CSCW), DevOps, and Web Technologies. 

Our team members have also been involved in providing leadership and making major contribution to design and delivery of degree programs that are considered unique and innovative in their discipline.

We have also been actively involved in supervising research projects at all levels (e.g., undergraduate, post-graduate, and PhD). The research projects that we supervise those are usually closely aligned with our research interests and expertise. If you are interested in doing a research project or summer research job with us, please browse through the projects ideas published on this site and/or look at the research interests of the researchers within our centre and directly write to them about your interest for seeking an appointment.