Software Systems & Services

Centre for Research on Engineering Software Technologies

Our research in the area of software systems and services focuses on developing and/or rigorously evaluating methods, approaches, and tools for supporting the design, analysis, and evolution of complex and dependable software-intensive system and services that meet both the functional and non-functional requirements. Our research in this area is stimulated by the need to improve the software systems engineering processes to produce high-quality software-intensive systems and services that can help organizations (i.e., private and public) to achieve their mission- and business-critical goals.

Most of our research efforts have been focused on early lifecycle issues when designing and developing software-intensive systems and services using different software development paradigms such as Global Software Engineering (GSE), Open Source Software (OSS), and Agile methods or leveraging emerging technologies such as cloud computing and mobile computing. Some of the areas of our competency are listed below. However, we carry out our research across topic areas; developing and systematically evaluating the most appropriate approaches to designing and evaluating software architectures for mobile cloud computing.

The key areas of our focus include:

  • Software Architecture
  • Cloud Computing
  • Mobile Cloud Computing
  • Global Software Engineering
  • Evidence-Based Software Engineering